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Cold Light Laser Therapy (CLLT)

We have the most advanced Laser Therapy equipment and training available!

We provide our clients Laser Treatments that are short, safe, painless and effective. Besides our Nº 1 Treatment SMOKING CESSATION, we also offer Laser Light Healing Therapies that reduce body pain, curb appetite and acute stress levels, thus promoting general relief and well-being.

Cold Laser produces a beam of light that has a specific wavelength and frequency. When the light of the Laser is applied to specific areas of the body, electromagnetic energy is converted to chemical energy within each cell which sets in motion a chain of chemical reactions allowing the healing process to begin. The results are measurable and speak for themselves.


Miami 305-964-8758 Davie 954-606-5322
The program consists of one treatment and ongoing staff support

Quit Smoking once and for all

* Not valid with any other offer
Results are not tipical



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